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Privacy Policy

xieom.com collects information from everyone who visits this website, or sends emails.

During those processes, locations, and e-mail addresses are recorded along with your IP address and your HOST IP name. Each person who visits any page is subject to the servers’ automatic log entry, which records the IP address, the time and date a page was accessed, and the page requested to be viewed.

This information is stored on our server, or our computer systems, indefinetly, or until a request is made for an account to be closed. At that point, all information pertaining to a given account, will be deleted.

xieom.com does store cookies on your hard drive, although we do not target advertising based on your use of our website, our partnerís websites, or any advertisers. However, once you leave xieom.comís website, either via link or some other method, you will then be subject to the visited sitesí privacy policy.

xieom.com will NEVER SELL OR FORWARD YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE, except as expressly stated in our Terms and Conditions.

* - The advertised monthly rate of $ 4.95 is based on the purchase of a one year ( 12 months ) service plan. Canadian residents are required to pay H.S.T ( 13% ) in addition to any amount payable.

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